Spelling Words


Unit 1Have fun practicing your spelling words

Short Vowel VCV, VCCV

Long Vowel VCV

Long Vowel Digraphs

Adding -ed, -ing



Unit 2

Digraphs th, sh, ch, ph

Irregular Plurals

Vowel Sounds with r

Final Syllables -en, -an, -el, -le, -il

Final Syllables -er, -ar-, or


Unit 3


Compound Words

Consonant Sounds /j/, /ks/, /sk/, and /s/

One Consonant or Two

Prefixes un-, de-, dis-


Unit 4

Words from Many Cultures

Prefixes over-, under-, sub-, super-, out-


Suffixes -ible, -able

Negative Prefixes


Unit 5

Multisyllabic Words

Unusual Spellings

Greek Word Parts

Latin Roots

Related Words


Unit 6

Suffixes -ous, -sion, -ion, -ation

Final Syllable -ant, -ent, -ance, -ence

Words with ei and ie

Compound Words

Easily Confused Words